Parental Alienation Help and Information

We understand that seeing your children suffer from the abuse of parental alienation can be very distressing and have serious impacts on mental health.

Domestic abuse has serious impact on all of those affected, parents, children and extended families.

To be there for your children you also need to look after yourself and your own physical and mental health.

Alienated Children First is a victims lobbying group run by volunteers and we do not get any funding for support, counselling or legal services so unfortunately we do not have the resources to help victims directly.

If you are in need of help because of stress or suffering as a victim of abuse or you need legal assistance please consider the organisations below that we refer people to.

[letter of support for parent victims of parental alienation]

Feel free to share your story with us by email at this address but please note the requirements of privacy and not to reveal any court related deltails that could be a breach of the in-camera rule and  that this is not monitored and we do not have resources for supporting people.

Samaritans help those have a difficult time who need to speak to someone – you can call them on 116 123 or contact them through their website

Mens Aid help male victims of abuse and have practical advice on Parental Alienation on their website you can contact them on 01-5543811 or

One Family also have support and counselling services for those involved in family conflice and you can contact them through their website

Children’s Rights Alliance provide support of children’s rights and you can contact them at selected times on 01-9020494 of on their website

Free Legal Advice Centers (FLAC) provide access to justice support including on family law matters and children rights and you can contact them through their website

Unfortunately some domestic violence and support organisations do not appear either receptive to or willing to help child and adult victims of Parental Alienation. If you have had any negative experiences with support organisations then you have our sympathy and please try the organisations above instead. There are people out there who believe victims and will help you. You are not to blame. You deserve support for you and your children #WeBelieveYou

You can use the links below to find information about Parental Alienation and organizations that help victims.

In addition – here are some links below to videos from Parental Alienation Support Group (PASG) which may help you understand that your situation is not unique and that you are not alone and give some advice on coping with and addressing your children’s situation.

Parental Alienation Study Group on Youtube
Coping Positively with Parental Alienation

This video was created by Alienated Children First for Parents and was written by well known Irish holistic therapist Aoife Griffin and spoken by Jan ACF Chairperson
Navigating the Shadows: The Impact of Parental Alienation on Grandparents
Article for grandparent victims
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