Department of Justice – Open Consultation Parental Alienation

Department of Justice Consultation on Parental Alienation

The Department of Justice in 2021 commissioned research of how other jurisdictions approach the concept of parental alienation. That research has been with the Department since November 2021 and is awaiting publication which has been delayed for some time.

The Department committed to undertake research into parental alienation as part of the Justice Plan 2022.

This is now including an open consultation on parental alienation and the experiences of it in Ireland. You can have your say and make your submission at the link below. Take care and do point out on any submission which may be accessible under Freedom of Information could put the submitter at risk of prosecution under contempt of court and the in camera rule. Effectively the in camera rule places severe restrictions of victims discussing parental alienation and this forced silence is referred to as a “chilling effect”. You might want to point out in any submission that even revealing your situation and experience of parental alienation to the Department of Justice in confidence puts parents and children at serious risk from the courts and you may like to as how they intend to protect victims coming forward to the Department in confidence.

You can make your submission to the Department of Justice by clicking here.

Alienated Children First have provided considerable information from Ireland and other jurisdictions on our website here, through webinars with Irish and international experts on the parental alienation abuse of children and parents. You can find on this site that we have made submissions to the United Nations Commission on the Rights of the Child and their Periodic Reporting on Ireland, and to the Joint Committee of the Oireachtas on the Family Court Bill. We are also members of the international group of legal professionals, academics, psychiatrists, judges, psychologists lawyers and others called the Parental Alienation Study Group (

Please feel free to report that you have submitted of to email and questions or points to us at

Good luck with telling your story – we hear you and share your pain and that of your children. Stop the Hurt!

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