Solutions for Parental Alienation – Professionals Webinar Series 4

This webinar is now complete and you can view recording of it [by clicking on this link].

Solutions for “Parental Alienation” Dr. Jennifer Harman & Luke Saunders in conversation with Kenn Joyce

4.00pm (GMT+1) – Monday, 27th September 2021

About this Event

This is the 4th in a webinar series for family law and child welfare professionals dealing with children being used as pawns in high conflict separations and covers the topics of Reunification and Shared Parenting as desirable outcomes in the best interests of the child in the short and longer term.

Dr. Jennifer Harman is an internationally renowned parental alienation expert, active researcher, author and proud mother. She is presently an Associate Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University. Dr. Jennifer Harman has written numerous professional articles including: Power dynamics in families affected by Parental Alienation – Losses experience by children alienated from a parent-Allegations of family violence in court: How parental alienation affects judicial outcomes -Gender differences in the use of PA behaviours Prevalence of adults who are the targets of parental alienating behaviours and their impact:Results from three national polls PA: The blossoming of a field of study Parenting time and child coping: The context of parental alienation-parental alienating behaviours: An unacknowledged form of family violence Parents behaving badly: Gender biases in the perception of parental alienation – Parents acting badly: How institutions and societies promote the alienation of children from their loving families.

Jennifer’s latest work includes co-authoring ‘Evaluation of the Turning Points for Families program ‘with Luke Saunders & Tamara Afifi and with Dr Demosthenes Lorandos (2020).
Preprint of Allegations of Family Violence in Court: How Parental Alienation Affects Judicial Outcomes debunking Professor Joan Meier’s well-publicised research on this issue.

Luke Saunders is a Graduate Student at Department of Psychology,Colorado State University. Luke undertook research in the Evaluation ofTurning Points for Families Program for severely alienated children.

Kenn Joyce is a founder member of Alienated Children First that campaigns against all forms of child and domestic abuse and specifically against Parental Alienation Abuse. Kenn is a broadcaster and presenter aserial entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Kenn has a keen interest in helping to stop the discrimination against alienated victims in Irelandfocusing on the voiceless, forgotten and unprotected Child Victims of Parental Alienation Abuse. Kenn has broadcast and been interviewed on this issue on radio and press; some recent examples can be viewed here:-

4.00pm (GMT+1) – Monday, 27th September 2021

Welcome & Introductions
Kenn Joyce, Chairperson, Director – Alienated Children First
4.00 – 4.05pm About Webinar and ACF
4.05 – 4.10pm Introduction to Dr Jennifer Harman by Kenn Joyce
4.10 – 4.20pm Dr Jennifer Harman’s Journey through Parental Alienation
4.20 – 4.50pm Dr Jennifer Harman & Luke Saunders:- findings on Reunification Therapy programme Turning Points for Families – Program for severely alienated children
4.50 – 5.10pm Dr Jennifer Harman on the Importance of Shared Parenting for Children
5.10 – 5.30pm Questions & Answers – Dr Jennifer Harmen &Luke Saunders

Jennifer Harman Media

Ted Talk on Parental Alienation
Parental Alienation as a form of family violence –

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