Reuniting Families using Technology Deaniella Dawra

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Deanielle Dawra is an American based in Lebanon who is an international advocate against Child Abduction & Parental Alienation. As a mother of two kids, she understands how much children need both parents in their lives and through the tech NGO she co-founded Find My Parent, she empowers children around the world to reunite with their parents.

Find My Parent’s innovative mobile application uses artificial intelligence to reunite children with their parent after severe alienation or abduction. The app is now available for free on iOS and Android devices. The same technology is currently being replicated to trace and match families separated due to the war in Ukraine.

Her team at Find My Parent has also recently created an easy-to-use and powerful website design for parents to build a site dedicated to their abducted or alienated children. Apart from allowing parents to express their love for their children, the site is another tool for children to find and reunite with their parent.

Find My Parent believes in addressing parental alienation and abduction at the root causes and therefore leads on international advocacy efforts in addition to its technology.

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