Submission UN Office of High Commissioner – Call for Inputs on “parental alienation” – December 2022

The Special Rapporteur of the N Office of High Commissioner (UNOHC) has call for inputs and case studies to

Purpose To inform the Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls’ report on the nexus between custody and guardianship cases, violence against women and violence against children, with a focus on the abuse of the concept of “parental alienation” and related or similar concepts.

ACF has made this submission with the inclusion of 27 cases, including 25 of those submitted in 2022 to the Irish Department of Justice’s Open Consultation on Parental Alienation. (Note all the original cases could be contacted in time to get additional permission for use for this additional purpose). Many of those supported by ACF have submitted personal stories.

ACF express a number of concerns about this call for information, in that it discriminates by gender on its selection of victims and that the wording used is prejudicial to an open mind on the topic. ACF is gender neutral and helps and lobbies for all victims, regardless of gender, orientation, race or religion. ACF is very concerned that discriminatory approaches to not help child and adult victims and may protect or enable perpetrators of this form of domestic violence and child abuse.

Parental alienation is cited in over 10 reported Irish High Court cases and 20 European Court of Human Rights cases where the jurisprudence has reminded states of their “positive obligations” to protect children affected by parental alienation.

You can view the main submission document here.

You can view the anonymised victims stories here (stories removed from the publicised version to protect the identity and privacy of the individuals and to ensure they are protect from court in camera rules which prevent and hinder victims from telling their stories.

You can view the main ACF submission here

You can view the victims stories here (note the full stories were in the version supplied to the UN OHC)

ACF December 2022

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