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Alienated Children First would like to wish all alienated parents, grandparents and children a very peaceful and a happy Christmas. For each one of them are in different circumstances and at a difficult place in their lives. We ask them all to stay safe and reach out for help if needed over the holiday season. Remember to look after yourselves and your own mental health. Christmas day is a very special day, but any day you get to spend with your children is so special to a loving parent. Remember to remain strong and composed for your children as it will be equally hard for them. Show strength and love for them, giving them cards or gifts to them if possible, in an amicable way. We also ask you to seek out your family or friends this year and try to relax and have a few hours away from the constant hurt.

This year we  ask everyone to embrace the sentiment of family, love and the spirit of giving, that is the Christmas message. Trying to heal the hurt and take new steps forward to build the best possible experience possible for your children. Parental alienation has no winners, just devastation and damage for all. Make it stop in your children’s lives this year. That would be the best gift for all.

Positively, Alienated Children First have been given a special message of hope for alienated parents and grandparents who are missing their child / children or grandchild/grandchildren over this Holiday season.  The message will help most of them to deal with loneliness over what is a traditionally a happy festive family period. Lisa Avery[1] is an internationally renowned positive psychologist who has worked with many alienated parents to help them move forward positively during times of deep personal crisis. To hear this special 15 min audio message please go to the Christmas Support page on https://alienated.ie/christmas-help-alienated-mothers-fathers-children/ (or to the ACF Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCroCujMEldCkfQqxl_ys-mQ/featured ) where you will also find other various helpline support and positive suggestions.

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“Parental Alienation is a serious issue and one that is important to highlight. A child that has been alienated from a parent can be devastating.

[1] https://thepositivepsychologist.com/

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